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City Centre Hotels

The greatest success story of post-Communist Europe, Prague has become one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations.
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Roma Hotel
Praga 1
Lunik Hotel
Caesar Hotel
Green Lobster
The energy unleashed in Prague during 1989's "Velvet Revolution" doesn't seem to have abated yet, though the infrastructure has markedly improved, making this the perfect time to visit the "City of a Hundred Spires." Today, amid Prague's cobblestone streets and gold-tip spires, new galleries, cafes, and clubs throng with young Czechs, Western "expatriates" and tourists. New shops and, perhaps most noticeably, lots of new restaurants have opened, ensuring that the bad old days of heavy, uninspired Central European cuisine is a distant memory. The only drawback to the city's new popularity is the fact that the narrow, winding alleys of the Old Town become absolutely clogged with visitors during high season. But this is a small price to pay for the chance to visit so beautiful city with such a fascinating legacy.
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Axa Hotel Prague
5.0  Maximillian Hotel Prague
Josef Hotel Prague
4.9  Intercontinental hotel Prague
Grand Hotel Praha Prague
4.8  Hoffmeister hotel Prague
Merkur Hotel Prague
4.8  Paris Hotel Prague
President hotel Prague
4.8  Roma hotel Prague
Tulip Inn Prague Terminus Prague
4.7  Palace Hotel Prague
Best Western Meteor Plaza Prague
4.7  Cloister Inn hotel Prague
The Charles Hotel Prague
4.6  Yasmin hotel Prague
Radisson Sas Alcron hotel Prague
4.6  K & K Fenix Hotel Prague
Mercure Centre Hotel Prague
4.5  Ibis Old Town hotel Prague
Akcent Hotel Prague
4.5  Arbes Hotel Prague
Best Western Bila Labut Prague
4.5  Bishops House Hotel Prague
Casa Marcello hotel Prague
4.5  Chopin hotel Prague
Esplanade Hotel Prague
4.5  Green Lobster hotel Prague
Lunik Hotel Prague
4.5  Suite Home hotel Prague
Ambassador Hotel Prague
4.4  Best Western Kampa hotel Prague
Mucha Hotel Prague
4.4  Elite hotel Prague
Riverside hotel Prague
4.4  Savic hotel Prague
Central Hotel Prague
4.4  Atlantic hotel Prague
Andels Hotel Prague
4.3  Elysee hotel Prague
Adria Hotel Prague
4.3  Bellagio hotel Prague
Caesar Palace hotel Prague
4.3  Jalta Hotel Prague
Sheraton Charles Square Hotel Prague
4.0  City Inn hotel Prague
Iron Gate hotel Prague
4.0  Perla hotel Prague
Waldstein Hotel Residence Prague
4.0  Astoria hotel Prague
Praga 1 hotel Prague
3.9  Botel Albatros hotel Prague
Julis hotel Prague
3.8  Venezia Hotel Prague
Ibis Wenceslas Square Hotel Prague
3.6  Waldstein Hotel Prague
Residence Bologna Prague
3.6  Koruna Hotel Prague
Rott hotel Prague
3.0  Neruda hotel Prague
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